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"No organism can exist without silicium" V. I. Vernadsky ( 1944).

Take care of your health

KREMNEVIT makes you healthy
With Kremnevit, we are healing the body as a whole, and not fighting a specific disease. An integrated approach to health is the only right way to achieve the main goal of "Living without disease"

Restores health

Starting with the cellular level to the level of tissues, organs, systems and the body as a whole

Saturates the body with useful substances

Activates metabolic processes, promotes the processes of growth, development, adaptation to different age periods

Keeps the harmony of man

Normalizes physical and mental health of a person

Normalizes the amount of sugar in the blood

Promotes the full functioning of the immune system.

Recovers balanced work

Operates on all vital systems of the body

Absorbs and removes slags

Is a natural sorbent of selective action

Natural and safe products

When creating its products, KREMNEVIT uses ancient knowledge of traditional medicine, connects them with modern scientific developments and, relying on the integrity of man and nature, creates new, quality products of functional nutrition.


A distinctive feature of KREMNEVIT products is the complete compatibility of the used natural substances and a harmonious combination of their useful properties. The state-of-the-art production technologies allow us to fully preserve the nutritional and medicinal value of the components that make up KREMNEVIT products.

Recipes of traditional medicine passed down from generation to generation, the components were selected in such a way that each curative property of it combined with the beneficial properties of other components and could manifest itself in treatment to the fullest.

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