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What is NANOKremnevit

This is a complete complex of macro - microelements, of natural origin, containing more than 70 macro macro elements. The natural origin of the product and its wave characteristics, crystal lattice and NANO particle size, ensure the normalization and balance of microelements in the cells of the human body.

What is NANOKremnevit for

It is a natural sorbent of selective action and, thanks to its physico-chemical properties, creates electrically charged systems. They have the property of "sticking" on themselves viruses, pathogens, unusual to man.

Cleaning the body of toxins and toxins
Normalization of metabolism
Restoration of the body

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Used for NANOkremnevit

  • Cleansing and restoring the balanced work of the body's basic systems - nervous, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular.
  • Excretion from the body of salts of heavy metals and radionuclides, its own decomposition products, substances of chemical origin are not natural for the organism.
  • Provision of physiological needs of a person in micro- and macroelements, biologically active substances, vitamins and amino acids.
  • Deceleration of age-related changes in the body.
  • Restoration of intestinal microflora and stabilization of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Normalization of metabolism - splitting fats, reducing body fat, stabilizing lipid metabolism, lowering cholesterol.
  • The ability to improve the production of collagen, which creates the elasticity of the skin and allows you to look younger.

How long can I apply?

With preventive administration, the period is not limited

How soon will the results be felt?

Depends slagging of the body. From 1 admission to 5-6 months.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects

Method of application

1-2 teaspoons diluted in water
Stir the product thoroughly
Take in the morning, lunch and evening 30 minutes before eating
How many doses contains 1 bottle
120 grams
60 doses
30 days

KREMNEVIT® offers a new approach to healthy lifestyle, consisting of two simple steps - cleansing the body at the cellular level and filling it with nutrients. Thus, the own mechanisms of bioregulation are activated, which contribute to the restoration of the body's protective functions and the balanced work of all its systems and organs. A similar principle is used by each of us, taking care of our body from the outside - we clean it with water and then protect it with clothing.

Composition NANOkremnevit

  • Silicon oxide - up to 47%
  • Magnesium oxide - up to 0,7%
  • Iron oxide - up to 0.56%
  • Calcium oxide - up to 0.51%
  • Manganese oxide - up to 0,1%
  • Sodium oxide - up to 0,15%
  • Potassium oxide - up to 0.67%

The contamination of the body with toxins occurs in addition to our desire, we can not always prevent it, but in our power to provide the body with an effective cleansing and timely prevention of the onset of diseases.


Does not contain artificial ingredients, dyes and extracts

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