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KREMNEVIT makes you healthy
With Kremnevit, WE heal the body as a whole, not just fight a specific disease. An integrated approach to health is the only right way to achieve the main goal of "LIVE without diseases"

Promotes the production of collagen and elastin

Restores elasticity of blood vessels, joints and intervertebral discs

Protects the body from low-quality products

It removes harmful microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi thanks to silicon colloids.

Normalizes metabolism

Breakdown of fats, reduction of fat deposits, stabilization of lipid metabolism, reduction of cholesterol levels.

Normalizes the amount of sugar in the blood

Strengthens the walls of blood vessels

Absorbs and removes toxic substances

It removes salts of heavy metals and radionuclides, own decay products, chemical substances of non-natural origin from the body.

Saturates the body with essential minerals

Meeting human physiological needs for more than 70 microelements, biologically active substances, vitamins and amino acids

Consultation with a specialist

Book a phone consultation with our nutritionist to get individualized recommendations. Learn more about our company, for all questions +380989052811 (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp)


The entire KREMNEVIT product line was developed to restore the balanced functioning of the body's systems. Thanks to this innovative approach to product development, the important principle of "do no harm" is observed, which means that the restorative effect on one of the body's systems does not cause an imbalance in the functioning of other systems. Regular use of KREMNEVIT products helps prevent various diseases and restores the balanced functioning of all organs.

The composition of each KREMNEVIT product is perfectly selected and balanced to obtain the maximum health effect in the optimal time. They were created by specialists with deep scientific knowledge and practical experience in the development of health products. Before the KREMNEVIT products were launched into industrial production, the developers conducted a lot of scientific and practical research. KREMNEVIT products have also gained wide recognition at various specialized competitions and exhibitions of medical and organic products.

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