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What is Live Water

One of the goals that KREMNEVIT® puts on itself is to make a preventive care of your health the standard of life of a modern person. We work to make as many of our compatriots as possible choose the path of health and longevity for themselves and teach children to consciously treat their health. (Living Water)

Why Living Water

Sapphitic bacteria, protozoa, parasites, fungi, and viruses die in water purified by the product "Silvnevit". Water increases its transparency and at the same time neutralizes impurities present in water: ammonia and ammonium salts, iron, nitrates, chlorine, heavy metal ions, mercury and organophosphorus compounds, radionuclides. According to the indicators, it surpasses the spring, it does not rot, does not blossom, remains fresh and transparent.

Cleans the water from harmful impurities
Normalizes the mineral balance
Strengthens the immune system

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Used for Givaya Voda

  • cleans water from harmful impurities
  • promotes rapid healing of wounds, burns, has bactericidal properties
  • normalizes blood cholesterol and sugar levels
  • strengthens the immune system, prevents infection
  • supports the process of restoring bone tissue, tendons and cartilage, and strengthens the growth of hair and nails
  • provides elasticity of blood vessels, rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, prevents aging
  • has a positive effect on the hormonal balance, the function of the prostate gland
  • normalizes the mineral balance and metabolism of vitamins

How long can you apply?

Reception time is not limited

How soon are the results?

Every time you clean water from harmful substances, this is the result

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects

Method of application

2 teaspoons diluted in 3 liters of water
Thoroughly stir the product and let it stand for 3-4 hours
Take during the day, small portions
How many doses contains 1 bottle
Givaya Voda?
50 liters
200 glasses
66 days

It is proved that such water exceeds the spring by indicators. It does not rot, it does not blossom, but remains fresh and transparent. Water purification and normalization of water with the replenishment of micro-macro balance balance makes living water water

Composition Kremnevit Living Water

  • Silicon oxide - up to 47%
  • Magnesium oxide - up to 0.7%
  • Iron oxide - up to 0.56%
  • Calcium oxide - up to 0.51%
  • Manganese oxide - up to 0.1%
  • Sodium Oxide - up to 0.15%
  • Potassium oxide - up to 0.67%

The contamination of the body with toxins occurs in addition to our desire, we can not always prevent it, but in our ability to provide the body with effective cleansing and timely prevention of the occurrence of diseases.


Does not contain artificial ingredients, dyes and extracts

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