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The company actively involves new partners for the development and distribution of products. We develop new products for business needs and help them sell.

Manufacture of dietary nutrition and cosmetics under the contract

KREMNEVIT® for business needs produces cosmetology products and diet food.

  • We will consult and dedicate you to the development trends of the cosmetic market
  • Let's show our new developments
  • We calculate and select the optimal price

You can be absolutely sure that you are dealing with excellent functional food products that will help you and every your client

The main advantages of cooperation with KREMNEVIT®
Own production
Experience more than 14 years
Natural ingredients

At this KREMNEVIT company did not stop and, for 4 years, continued scientific and clinical research, revised the formulation, improved production, introduced new technologies, because the creators had a noble goal - to make a product with the highest efficiency and a wide range of applications available for price for most consumers. And now we are proud to declare that all these goals have been achieved.

To expand the range and obtain multidirectional effects, in addition to the main product, in 2012 a line of phytopreparations was developed, based on a fine powder from a natural nanocomposite - KREMNEVIT.

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